Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well here it is, another Saturday night and talk about some nice weather today, oh boy it was sweet, hope everyone has big plans for church Sunday, gonna be good cause GOD is in it, oh hey a word of advice if you do not have real good feeling in your hand do not try to work on an engine as you look at something else because it hurts, I could not tell that I had not let go of the part I was touching so when my finger got in the way and got blood on my jeans I realized it is probably to late to let go, oops, oh well its still attached because I can feel it right now, LOL, back to church, hope everyone is going and that they are going to a good BIBLE believing JESUS CHRIST rose from the dead believing that he is coming back again Salvation is free (because JESUS has paid the price) church because if your not you can come to mine, dont be going to one of those all is good and nothing is wrong all happy and HELL aint real churches cause you just might find out how real HELL is, anyway happy Sunday and smile a little, lifes to short not to.

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