Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Jeep

OK, Its my wife's birthday today, (happy birthday honey, love ya) so she wants her car cleaned up while she goes shopping with her momma and I'm like ok, works for me and its cheap enough(I'll do it myself and save money), so she drives my jeep today, so Joey and me clean up most of the car and head into town to get her present from BAM(Books A Million) and being the nice guy that I am I put gas in her car, then we meet her at Dairyette to eat because that is where she wants to go and you should too because the BBQ is awesome and you have to ask for a RayRay while your there, anyway I go to get in the Jeep and of course I knew I would have to move the seat because she thinks her legs are longer than mine, not, I get the seat moved, fire up the Jeep and the gas light is looking at me saying feed me please, of course she told me it had just come on so I'm like ok, hoping it has enough to get home, I start to backup and notice the radio station has been changed, my temperature settings for the a/c has been changed, and all I can see out of the rearview mirror is the floor, I fix these minor things and take off, no seatbelt of course, to me this is still an option and should be my choice not the government, I turn the corner to get on the main road and I'm like looking through this windshield with a crack in it about the size of the Grand Canyon( it has always been cracked on the passenger side)thank GOD for glass replacement, so I pick up the cell phone, yes while driving, and call my lovely wife on her birthday and ask if she had wrecked my Jeep and maybe I just didn't notice, she said no and asked why, I tell her about the crack and she said she hadn't even noticed, go figure, I get home and look in the back seat and oh boy talk about alot of junk, and it smells like Taco Johns because she forgot to eat the potato oles she had bought and just sticks them in the back, now none of this made me mad because these things just happen as a matter of fact I guess its kinda funny, and maybe she wont get made after reading this, guess I will be cleaning my Jeep Tomorrow. Happy Birthday honey, love you

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