Monday, September 28, 2009


I probably will not be able to finish all I have to say on this subject now but I think I will get started before I put it off any longer, you know people just make me mad sometimes with all this African-American, Mexican-American, Chinese-American, and all these other American whatevers, what happened to just being a plain AMERICAN, was something wrong with it, did America do something that meant we should separate the Americans, I thought we went to war a long long time ago so everyone would be considered equal and now we have to separate people again, man I am confused, use to when people came to America from other countries it was to become an American citizen and to become apart of the United States of America now everyone that comes over here wants to change America and try to make it something else, HEY IF YOU DONT LIKE AMERICA GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM, we where doing pretty good before everyone wanted to change everything, people had freedom to prosper if they wanted to, live where they wanted to, own a gun if they wanted to, drive whatever they wanted to, come on people wake up, America used to mean freedom of choice for all now it is freedom of choice if you are anything but white and a Christian, you can speak out about anything and everything and push your beliefs on anyone as long as you are something other than white and Christian, no I am not prejudice towards people of other races it just seems like they are prejudice towards us, if we say anything anymore we are to be condemned for speaking and are considered to be a racist but let them say something about a Christian or a white person and oh boy is it ok, let there be a million man march for white people are a white college fund and see what happens, and President Barrack Hussein Obamma is another story all together, black people say he is their president, the first African-American to be in this office, hogwash, that man aint no African-American, is anyone really sure where he was born and we know he isn't an American after all he is trying to do to this country, no real American would be trying to take GOD out of our country, off of our money, and out of our schools, this country was founded on GODLY principles and the HOLY BIBLE, did you ever stop to think that all our problems started when people started taking GOD out of everything.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Revival and the Bible

Oh boy, with all the talk about getting busy and doing nothing I plum forgot about the revival going on in Ledbetter KY this week, Bro Ronnie Blair from eastern KY brought his tent over and is preaching up a storm, see he preached last night and it stormed today, guess we will see how many holes the tent has, anyway, if you want to hear a good GOD fearin, BIBLE believin, jump off the floor and shout kinda preacher that just really doesnt care what you think come on out and give a listen, he might make you mad, sad, glad, happy are a bunch of other things but one thing you can count on is he will share with you what GOD has laid on his heart and it will come from GOD and the reading of the King James Bible, I know, some of you out there dont think it matters if you use some other book but we have to stand for something and I as well as Bro Ronnie stand for the KJV of the Bible, see in the book of Revelation (ch.22 v 18 and 19) it says that if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: and if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book, I also know that some other so called Bibles out there have something similar in them, so if yours does which one do you believe, if you believe yours then at least you are believing in something but I choose to believe my King James Bible because as far as I know it is the only one which from the time it was written by the Holy Spirit through men of Gods choosing it has never been copyrighted and can therefore be shared with others without getting permission from anyone, yes I know there are copyrights on the maps, and notes and things like that in the King James Bible but they cannot and have not copyrighted the words of the King James Bible, it is now and always will be able to be freely given, copied, and quoted from to all as God had intended from the beginning.

Getting busy

Have you ever just gotten so busy doing nothing that you kinda forget about doing things until you are in the middle of doing nothing else and then you think hey, I should go do this when I am done but you always seem to find something else to do except the thing you remembered you needed to do while you where doing nothing else, well thats me, always busy doing nothing and never busy doing the something I should have been doing to start with, oh well, I guess I will catch up the things I need to be doing someday but for now I am still busy doing the nothing I started a while ago, which brings me to this blog, sorry people but I got busy doing nothing and kinda kept saying I would get back to this, and well always did something else, some of you know what I am talking about because you have been there, anyway, I do appreciate all who have stopped by and hope you will stop by again soon, I really hope that I do not go as long between posts as I have this time but nothing does come up quite often for me, and if this sounds confusing to you, you should be me, oh and try reading this out loud, it doesnt make it any less confusing but it sounds kinda cool, oh and by the way my finger is doing pretty good now.