Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting busy

Have you ever just gotten so busy doing nothing that you kinda forget about doing things until you are in the middle of doing nothing else and then you think hey, I should go do this when I am done but you always seem to find something else to do except the thing you remembered you needed to do while you where doing nothing else, well thats me, always busy doing nothing and never busy doing the something I should have been doing to start with, oh well, I guess I will catch up the things I need to be doing someday but for now I am still busy doing the nothing I started a while ago, which brings me to this blog, sorry people but I got busy doing nothing and kinda kept saying I would get back to this, and well always did something else, some of you know what I am talking about because you have been there, anyway, I do appreciate all who have stopped by and hope you will stop by again soon, I really hope that I do not go as long between posts as I have this time but nothing does come up quite often for me, and if this sounds confusing to you, you should be me, oh and try reading this out loud, it doesnt make it any less confusing but it sounds kinda cool, oh and by the way my finger is doing pretty good now.

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