Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ok, is it just me are is Lowes and Walmart looking more and more alike, I know who cares right, and they are almost always either right next to each other are across the road from each other, its like they are afraid to be by themselves, anyway, I really like Lowes I just wish they did'nt look like Walmart, I hate going into Walmart with there 40 registers and only 2 or 3 working, I mean come on people, if you are'nt going to use them then get rid of em and then just bring in special ones for like Christmas and such, that way you have more room for displays and merchanidse at non holiday times and I wont have to keep looking for the little lights that are on hoping to find one close to where I am standing when I am ready to check out. What do you think?

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