Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm sorry

What does it mean to say I'm sorry? does it mean we got caught doing something and are sorry we got caught, does it mean we really wish we hadn't done something, does it mean we forgot to do something we should have, I suppose it could mean all these things, and are we really sorry when we say it are maybe just saying it to make someone else happy, well I guess it can be both but you know what, no matter what it means to us, have we said it lately, maybe to a spouse are a child are maybe even a friend that we might have wronged, how about to GOD, you know GOD likes to hear I'm sorry also because we do things everyday that are not pleasing to HIM, have we not talked to that friend that we keep feeling we should say something to, that is GOD and we should say I'm sorry for not doing it, have we not helped that person we know needs help because we think we are to busy, we should tell GOD we are sorry for not helping, has someone been on our heart that we know we should pray for and haven't, maybe we should stop right now and pray for that person and tell GOD we are sorry for not doing it sooner, has GOD called us into HIS ministry and we always seem to have other things to do, we might want to stop and say GOD I'm sorry for running from you, you see I believe GOD wants to hear I'm sorry when we mess up and don't do the things we should but I also believe that he would rather see us doing what is needed when he calls us to do it, so lets stop right now and say I'm sorry to GOD and lets start doing what needs to be done, will it be easy, no, will we still not do some of the things that need to be done, sure, but we can get better as we go and maybe, just maybe we wont have to say I'm sorry tomorrow near as much as we probably need to today.

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