Thursday, October 24, 2013


Car parts and body parts. The manufacturing of each is very different, one is produced by man, the other by GOD, but im not here to talk about that now, I want to talk about replacing them, I know you have never really thought about how they relate, thats ok, I have, therefore I will tell you my thoughts on the matter. 1) both car parts and body parts need someone with knowledge in this field to replace them, I personally believe it is harder to diagnose car parts than body parts, hold on let me explain before some doctor gets on here having a heart attack then has to call a mechanic when his car breaks down on the way to the hospital. With cars there is usually a diagnostic procedure you must go through to make sure you are replacing the right part and that there is not another reason the part failed, especially electrical parts, there are so many things to look at, batteries, fuses, wires, switches, relays, bad connections, and the hard part may not be checking these items, but finding them and getting to them. Once you do determine the cause, you purchase the new part, replace it and whatever else broke due to that part failing, and hope and pray the part or parts you replaced work. Because we all know just because you get a new part does'nt mean you got a good one, lol, I have replaced several new parts with new parts just because the new part was bad. Now on to the body part, when a body part needs replaced it is either worn out or missing, not hard to determine which, now if it is just not working it is usually a nerve somewhere that has been pinched, there, problem solved,, nerve,, worn out or missing not to hard, now if you determine it is a nerve go to the spot thatis pinched and fix it, poof all better, if it is worn out are missing, find a good used one if it is an arm or leg or something you can get used,(if you want the real thing), or they make excellent aftermarket ones that you only have to replace once because they always work the first time, largely because the manufacturing process is different and so much better.So see, not alot of diagnosing or having to replace the same part 2 or 3 times until you get a good one. 2) Education. Both technicians and doctors have to go to school to learn how to do what they do. Both schools are very expensive, and long hours before you can graduate. 3) Tools and equipment... Doctors have tools that may have cost them a few thousand dollars ( if the hospital does'nt furnish them), and if they do have their own they can carry them in a small to medium size bag wherever they go. The equipment they need is furnished largely by the hospital they are working in.. Technicians have tools that cost many thousands of dollars and the service center does'nt furnish anything unless it is specific to a particular vehicle they sell, just the box alone to put the tools in a technician must have can run upwards of 20k to30k dollars, and you can't just pick them up and take them with you. 4) So based on this information I believe automobile technicians are way under paid and doctors are way over paid, the way I see it, technicians need a pay raise and I know how to make this happen. Doctors will have to put there automobiles into a car care program, when they need repairs they will have to call the head technician to schedule the repair, the doctor then takes the automobile to the repair facility and waits, once the repair has been done the automobile will be returned to the doctor along with an inflated bill that will compensate for the difference in wages plus a low income charge for the next non doctor repair that comes into the facility... this way we can all get repairs done on our vehicles and the doctors can feel better knowing they have helped someone less fortunate.

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