Thursday, October 24, 2013

J. RAY Original giveaway

Ok peeps, this is a couple of drawings I have done, as you can tell a couple means 2, one before and after framing and one not, I have been doing these for years and enjoy doing them, the problem is I have been slacking off a bit lately, so to help me get back into them I will be giving one away to a follower on my blog, the design will vary because I never know where the pen will lead when I start one of these, we can do this giveaway one of two ways, 1st of all if you do not like them do not participate, lol, no seriously dont. now on to the deal, we have to wait until i get a few more followers, once we get say 10 followers I can draw a name from a hat( i know high tech right), the winner can pick up to 2 colors from the selection I have and I can draw them a picture, or I can go ahead and do one in whatever color or colors I choose and they can be surprised. Now do not expect this to be an overnight project, they look simple but or very time consuming, if you would like to participate and have a chance to own a J. Ray original let me know what you think. If you have any additional ideas please post and we can see where they go.. thanks


  1. Umm Daddy I need like 3 or 4 of them so I can put them in the house. My walls are really bare and I would like to have some of yours in the house :)

    1. lol, will have to see if I can get you one, get me some more followers and we can have the drawing to see who wins, maybe your neighbor could win and give it to you.