Thursday, October 24, 2013


Well, lol I have finally made it back to my blog after a year, took a little doin after not being able to log in, the password was wrong, the email address was wrong, and yet here I am even after using all the wrong things to get here,lol, yes I used the same email and password it kept saying was wrong and it worked. Now where was I, oh yea, yes I know my punctuation, spelling, format and everything is not correct, I did'nt do that well in english class,lol, but if that keeps you from reading and sometimes enjoying my blog, your loss, I enjoy doing it. Do not drink lemonade flavored Caprisuns,, why you ask, because they are nasty, (yuck), the other Caprisun flavors are good so go ahead,, suck it up with the little straw they provide on the front of the package.. Breyers ice cream is really good, especially chocolate and the vanilla bean vanilla, Turkey Hill is good also,, grab a spoon and dig in, dont get a bowl eat it right out of the carton, taste better knowing you dont have to wash a bowl later. Ice Mountain bottled SPRING water (not purified) is the best if you can't get good ole ky well water. Town House crackers have better buttery flavor than Ritz. Spam is always better than treet unless you ask my wife,lol, both are pretty good if you cut it into cubes and fry it with taters and seasoning, spam is pork in a can and treet is pork and chicken and other stuff, lol If you like chocolate cereal Cocoa Dyno - Bites by Malt - O - Meal is an excellent choice for a few reasons, 1) les expensive than name brand and really does taste good, try it. 2) if you are an environmental nut then this is for you, 75% less packaging than a box, oh yea. 3)its guranteed to be good.

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