Monday, November 18, 2013


, Hello peeps, I have been busy working on junk and getting annoyed with it, LOL, been doing that alot lately with this truck, and then something like a tornado or a few come through and gives you a whole new outlook on things,like having junk to work on, alot of people have lost alot of things in the tornados that came thru the midwest and some have lost everything including loved ones, I want to send a prayer out to all of these along with all the responders who have helped in this devastating time. I cannot say I know how they feel because I have never lost everything to a tornado, I can say however that I am more appreciative of the things I do have and the family that surrounds me.. this time of need for many people should make us all stop and think about what we have and more importantly who we have, and thank GOD for them, you never know when a family member will be taken from you so cherish the time you have with them regardless of the circumstances, good or bad, with stuff or not, you can always get more stuff if that is what you desire but you cant replace a family member or friend,, so if you made it through the storm and still have things left, lets remember the ones who dont and if any way possible give back to the people what GOD has so graciously givin to us, we must remember that we are just caretakers of GODS things until he wants them back or someone else needs them, my memory of this has been misplaced far to long and it is about time I remember also, and if someone you know has lost a family member or friend try comforting them and helping in any way possible.

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